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Talking About Care From Health Clinics

4 Advantages Of Outdoor Activities During Inpatient Rehabilitation

by Jack Long

Some patients who have suffered a serious injury or illness must stay in an inpatient rehabilitation facility after leaving the hospital. When evaluating these facilities for your loved one, consider the advantages of those that have outdoor areas the patients can use for various activities. 

Advantages of Outdoor Activities for Rehab Patients

Participating in outdoor activity can be viewed as a form of occupational therapy, during which patients regain skills that help them live as independently as possible after a serious injury or illness. 

Getting Practice Maneuvering on Different Surfaces

With the supervision of nurses or physical therapist assistants, patients can practice walking in a real-life outdoor setting. They maneuver on surfaces such as:

  • sidewalks
  • grass
  • unpaved paths
  • curbs
  • slopes

They can also practice getting in and out of a vehicle.

Patients who need to use adaptive equipment such as a walker or wheelchair also benefit from practicing with these devices outdoors. They may need to do so after leaving the facility to participate fully in their lives again. 

Having Additional Forms of Exercise Available

As patients more fully recover, they begin engaging in other activities, depending on their abilities. Outside, they might take walks around the grounds, play golf on a putting green, fish in a pond, or help out in a garden. Therapeutic recreation group activities such as horseshoes and croquet help the residents regain and sharpen their physical abilities, and have chances to socialize as well. 

Enjoying a Home-Like Atmosphere

Rehab patients typically arrive from a hospital, where they may have spent many days or even weeks. They likely did not get outside at all during that time. Having the opportunity to spend time relaxing on a patio, yard or garden area is a welcome change. Some rehab facilities have courtyards where patients can converse and even have meals together. 

Building a More Positive Attitude

People who have suffered a debilitating injury or disabling illness understandably may become depressed when they can no longer do activities they used to enjoy, even if the situation is temporary. Feeling the warm sunshine, hearing birds chirping and breathing fresh air can be naturally therapeutic. 

Concluding Thoughts

As you begin contacting inpatient rehabilitation centers, such as Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital, ask them about their outdoor activity programs. You might ask whether physical therapy and therapeutic recreation sessions ever take place outside, and whether the residents can simply spend time relaxing outdoors. Visit the facilities before making a commitment to one of them so you can see firsthand the type of environment provided.