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Talking About Care From Health Clinics

Are Sonograms A Safe Way To Peek In At Your Developing Baby?

by Jack Long

Expectant mothers are often scheduled to have a sonogram at some point in their pregnancy so the doctor can check on the unborn baby's development. This is often an exciting time for the parents because they get their first glimpse of their unborn child. Like many expectant parents, you may worry if procedures like sonograms performed during your pregnancy are safe for you and your developing baby. One way to put your mind at ease is to learn more about sonograms. 

How Does A Sonogram Work?

You may hear a sonogram referred to as an ultrasound. This is because ultrasounds waves are used to create the picture of the baby growing inside you. Ultrasound produces sound frequencies above the audible range for human ears. These sound waves bounce off bones, organs and other tissues inside the body. The time it takes for the sound waves to bounce back to the machine is translated into an image.  The picture produced is known as a sonogram. They are printed out for the doctor to study and the parents to keep as first photos of their baby.

Are There Possible Complications?

The ultrasound procedure used to produce sonograms is considered non-invasive, but that does not mean they are free of possible complications. The sound waves used to produce the sonogram slightly heat body tissues, creating small gas pockets.  While the risk if low, these gas pockets can cause discomfort, blood clotting, and structural weakening. For this reason, the number of sonograms given to expectant mothers is limited to reduce any risk to the unborn child. 

Should You Have Multiple Sonograms During Pregnancy?

Healthy expectant mothers have at least two sonograms during their pregnancy. However, your doctor can determine if you need more than one during your pregnancy to ensure proper growth and development. Your doctor can gain useful information about the unborn baby through a sonogram:

  • Age and due date
  • The presence of multiple fetuses
  • Abnormalities in development

Ultrasound waves can also show complications for the mother, such as pelvic bleeding. 

Sonograms are an easy way to check in on your developing baby, and you don't have to do anything special to prepare the day of the procedure. However, you should wear loose-fitting clothes. The ultrasound technician needs to shift your clothing so that the transducer used touches the skin. 

When you have questions about medical procedures during your pregnancy, or you're feeling apprehensive, talk with your doctor. Learning more about the procedure from a local provider, like All Women's Clinic, can help put your mind at ease.