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Hi there, I'm Kira Shepherd. When my kids were little, I spent a lot of time at the health care clinic. Children need an exam when they hurt themselves or run a high fever. Any other distressing symptoms are also best explored by a qualified physician. Thankfully, my local health care clinic always helped reassure me that the kids were healthy and developing well. I will share information about common diagnostic procedures and treatments performed at health care clinics. I will talk about alternatives, like going to the hospital or treating at home. My site will cover common symptoms and complications caused by a wide range of illness and injuries. Please visit my site often to learn more information. Thank you.




Talking About Care From Health Clinics


Five Mistakes To Avoid When Recovering From Interventional Radiology Surgery

One of the major advantages of interventional radiology surgery is that it is minimally invasive. Patients quickly recover from this procedure as long as they take it easy for a short period of time afterward.  However, some patients make mistakes that complicate recovery and cause recovery to take longer than it should. The following are five mistakes to avoid when recovering from interventional radiology surgery: 1. Failing to attend appointments that the doctor sets up after the operation

Understanding Radiation Therapy For Breast Cancer: What You Need To Know

In the year 2017, it is estimated by the American Cancer Society that 252,710 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed. Even though breast cancer is by far one of the most common cancer types, it is also one of the most treatable thanks to the advances of modern medicine. One form of treatment that your doctor may recommend if you are diagnosed with breast cancer is radiation therapy. While radiation therapy may sound scary and threatening, it really is not as bad as it sounds.

Tips For Recovering From Drug Addiction

If you have decided that you are finally ready to go into recovery from your drug addiction, you will want to make sure that you are making use of the following tips. This way, you will be much more likely to have a successful recovery. Check Yourself Into A Detox Recovery Facility The first step you need to take is to detox from the illegal substances and the easiest way to do this is to first check yourself into a detox facility.

3 Types of Wrinkle Treatments That Don't Require Surgery

Have you become unhappy with facial wrinkles? Perhaps you've used some over-the-counter creams and treatments, but to no avail. You might be considering surgery to tighten up your facial skin, but before you go under the knife, it's worth your while to try one or more of these more intensive, yet non-surgical wrinkle treatments. Cryocare Facials A cryocare facial is a facial that uses cold therapy to stimulate the skin. Cryocare facials are typically performed at a dermatologist's office.

4 Vaginal Conditions Every Health Professional Wants You To Know About

When women think about their overall health, all too many forget to take into account their reproductive health. It can be an embarrassing subject for many; however, it is important that you take note of possible conditions. If you may be experiencing any of these health conditions, it is important to seek medical attention quickly. 1. Yeast Infection The yeast infection is one of the most common vaginal infections that includes symptoms like itching and white, clumpy discharge.

3 Things To Know About Being In Remission After A Fight With Cancer

Cancer is a disease that affects many families in the U.S., and there is currently no cure for it; however, there are many types of treatment options. If you recently completed treatment for breast cancer, the best news you can hear is that you are in remission. Being in remission is good news, yet there are several things you should understand about this term. What Does Remission Mean? After completing all the steps your oncologist recommends for treating your breast cancer, he or she will conduct a follow-up visit to determine how well your body responded to the treatment.

Learn What You Can Expect From Physical Therapy

If you are in pain, your doctor may have suggested you go to physical therapy. Getting treated by a physical therapist can help you feel better by providing you with various treatments intended to focus on specific target areas. If you are planning on beginning physical therapy treatment, you want to familiarize yourself with the benefits it offers and what you can expect from the experience. What does physical therapy help with?

Allergies 101: Definition, Treatment, And Prevention

Allergies are common, and though there is usually no cure for them, it is important to learn more about them in order to lower your risk of suffering from allergies and increase your chances of avoiding allergies altogether. Read to learn what exactly allergies are, what different types their are, how to treat your allergies, and how to prevent them in the future: What are Allergies? Allergies happen when you body comes in contact with a foreign substance, such as pollen.

4 Symptoms Of Osteoarthritis in the Knee

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a debilitating disease that can cause sufferers a great deal of pain, making moving around difficult, and generally reduce a person's quality of life. There are lifestyle changes that can be made to reduce OA symptoms, but these will only help sufferers cope with the pain, rather than actually get rid of it. There are also surgical processes that allow people to regain their full motion levels, such as partial knee resurfacing, where only the part of the knee that is affected by the arthritis is resurfaced.

Three Effective Treatments For Excessive Menstrual Bleeding

Millions of women suffer with menorrhagia, or excessive menstrual bleeding. For some, it is debilitating, and 18 percent of women who have the condition are reported to miss work because of it. Along with missing work, women feel they cannot participate in normal day-to-day activities while having their period. The excessive bleeding can cause other symptoms including anemia and fatigue. There are treatment options available for excessive menstrual bleeding and here are three of them.

Are Sonograms A Safe Way To Peek In At Your Developing Baby?

Expectant mothers are often scheduled to have a sonogram at some point in their pregnancy so the doctor can check on the unborn baby's development. This is often an exciting time for the parents because they get their first glimpse of their unborn child. Like many expectant parents, you may worry if procedures like sonograms performed during your pregnancy are safe for you and your developing baby. One way to put your mind at ease is to learn more about sonograms.

Deciding Whether To Drug-Test Job Applicants & Current Employees For Marijuana Use

Nearly half the states have legalized medical cannabis as of April 2015, and four now allow marijuana for recreational use. As an employer, you may feel nervous about this trend, wondering whether off-hours marijuana use has negative effects on workers. Requiring random drug testing for your current employees could be a worthwhile step if you want to make sure your workforce stays drug-free.   Expert Insight The Institute for a Drug-Free Workplace notes numerous negative effects of marijuana use, such as:

About Iron Infusions After Celiac Diagnosis

You suspected you had celiac disease before you were diagnosed, since you often developed unpleasant symptoms after eating foods containing gluten. You knew you'd need to quit eating wheat and other foods with gluten, but you were surprised when your doctor said you're additionally anemic and should have iron infusions. Iron-deficiency anemia actually is relatively prevalent among newly diagnosed celiac patients. Why Some Celiac Patients Need Iron Infusions Your small intestine will heal and regain its full ability to absorb nutrients now that you've stopped eating gluten.

4 Advantages Of Outdoor Activities During Inpatient Rehabilitation

Some patients who have suffered a serious injury or illness must stay in an inpatient rehabilitation facility after leaving the hospital. When evaluating these facilities for your loved one, consider the advantages of those that have outdoor areas the patients can use for various activities.  Advantages of Outdoor Activities for Rehab Patients Participating in outdoor activity can be viewed as a form of occupational therapy, during which patients regain skills that help them live as independently as possible after a serious injury or illness.

What You Should Know About Choroidal Melanoma

Sometimes, you may feel as though your annual, routine eye exams are not something you do not really need. After all, you are very busy and your eyes seem to be functioning just fine for the time being. However, before you forgo your regular eye appointments and exams, you should know that eye exams detect more than just changes in your vision. They can also be used to see if you may have a more serious eye disorder such as choroidal melanoma.

Congenital Heart Disease: Taking Charge Of Your Health As You Enter Adulthood

Entering adulthood comes with many challenges, including taking charge of your own health care. For young adults that also suffer from congenital heart disease (CHD), learning to manage their own health care and work as their own advocate is yet another challenge they must face. Fortunately, you can prepare yourself for these new responsibilities and ensure that you receive the best cardiac care going forward. Know Your Health History Do you know all the details of your condition?

3 Things You Need To Know About Breastfeeding Your Baby

Breastfeeding is one of the best things you can do for your infant child. Before the birth of a baby, many mothers contemplate whether or not they will breastfeed the child. Many professionals believe that almost all women should be able to successfully breastfeed. In order to be successful in breastfeeding your child here are a couple things you should know. 1. The Milk May Take A While To Come In

Learn How Hospice Care Can Help Your Family

When a loved one gets diagnosed with cancer, there are a lot of changes that will take place in their life. If the cancer is terminal, they will need someone to help them on a daily basis. Many families do not have the ability to provide someone battling cancer with the exact care that they need. Fortunately, hospice care can be a great option to help someone stay as comfortable as possible during the last few weeks that they are on Earth.

Implementing A Defibrillator In Your Clinic

The decision to purchase a defibrillator is an important one for the safety of your patients and clients.  While one option may not be better than another, it is best to consider the environment in which it will be used, and the comfort level of those operating it. Types of Defibrillators There are 3 main types of defibrillators: an Advanced Life Support (ALS) unit, an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), and an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD).

Trouble Sleeping At Night? 5 Ways To Say Goodnight To Insomnia

After a long, hard day, all you want to do is go home, relax and get some good sleep. Unfortunately, you can't seem to fall asleep or you wake up a million times throughout the night. There are a few things that you can do to help fight off insomnia. Here are five tips that will help you feel refreshed and rested thanks to a good night's sleep: 1. Get Out in the Sun

Spine Surgery And Physical Therapy: What You Need To Know

After surgery on your spine, your physician will want you to go to physical therapy sessions. This may sound scary, but it is necessary to help you recover and prevent future re-injury. Here is what you can expect and some tips for the best rehabilitation experience. Finding the Right Therapist To get your physical therapy started, your doctor will write a referral that will state these things: The place or person to go to for therapy, The goals, The description of your condition and treatment, The date of the onset of your condition, and The type of therapy needed, and for how long.